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Take a breath of fresh air with Airy TV.

Do away with the mundane cable and TV setup you have in your living room and surf TV like you would the internet. No hassle of cable since you're watching TV in the cloud!

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Watch your favorite video channels anywhere 24/7.

Whether you are a hetic commuter or someone who just want to kickback and relax on the couch, Airy TV gives you the option on when you want to be entertained.

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Our Themed Channel gives your interest what it wants, anytime it wants it.

From News, Cartoons, Reality, Food/Travel, Comedy, to Sports we have a wide variety of channel for all your interests.

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UI Design

Our simple to use UI design allows anyone to be able to use.

From any mobile phone's web browser to your desktop you won't ever be confused as to how it works. We built it simple and easy to navigate so that even a child could use it.

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Our Technology

We are a hybrid of a search engine for online video content and display analytics.

Our technology filters online video content and catalogs the content into watchable schedules which we filter out as channel for your ease of usage.

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100% Free

We stand by our commitment to be free of charge.

No sign up needed, all you have to do is go on the website and watch away!

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More to Come

We're not stopping here, we plan on adding more features and more content.

Check back often to see what's new!

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About AiryTV

Providing Free TV for EVERYONE

Our goal is simple, to find video content and make it easy for you to watch it online and in a format that you all know and love.

While we are heavy on TV shows, we also offer TV movies ranging from action to dramas. As we actively work to secure more content for AiryTV's channel libary we hope that you enjoy what we offer and use it on a daily basis.

We are here to sastisfy your entertainment needs.

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Contact us with your question, concerns, or if you have any suggestions for new Channels, we would be delighted to hear it.


19730 64th Ave W, Suite 320 Lynwood, WA, 98036

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